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Saturday, March 25, 2023
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Duke Performances 2022-23 Chamber Arts Series

The stunning violinist Christian Tetzlaff is joined by his sister Tanja (cellist) and Kiveli Doerken (pianist) to bring us a highly Romantic program.

The young Beethoven shocked the elderly master Haydn with Opus 1 #3 when they first met. Wonderful piece, opus 1 #3.

Schubert's Trio in B-flat, a large, lively, and lyrical work, was written during his final illness - simultaneously with his dark and brooding final work, the song cycle, Winterreise. Robert Schumann said of the Trio, "One glance at Schubert's Opus 99 and the troubles of our human existence disappear - and all the world is fresh and bright again."


Tetzlaff-Tetzlaff-Doerken was originally billed as Tetzlaff-Tetzlaff-Vogt and was comprised of the Tetzlaff siblings and pianist Lars Vogt. In September 2022, Vogt tragically passed away from cancer at age 51. The Tetzlaffs asked long-time collaborator, pianist Kiveli Doerken to join them for this tour, and we are all grateful that she has made herself available.

This performance and the rest of their tour is dedicated to the memory of Lars Vogt.