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Error Correction of Quantum Algorithms: Arbitrarily Accurate Recovery of Noisy Quantum Signal Processing

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Friday, March 03, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Yuan Liu
Triangle Quantum Computing Seminar Series

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The intrinsic probabilistic nature of quantum systems makes error correction or mitigation indispensable for quantum computation. While current error-correcting strategies focus on correcting errors in quantum states or quantum gates, these fine-grained error-correction methods can incur significant overhead for quantum algorithms of increasing complexity. We present a first step in achieving error correction at the level of quantum algorithms by combining a unified perspective on modern quantum algorithms via quantum signal processing (QSP). An error model of under- or over-rotation of the signal processing operator parameterized by ε < 1 is introduced. It is shown that while Pauli Z-errors are not recoverable without additional resources, Pauli X and Y errors can be arbitrarily suppressed by coherently appending a noisy 'recovery QSP.' Furthermore, it is found that a recovery QSP of length O(2kck2d) is sufficient to correct any length-d QSP with c unique phases to kth-order in error ε. Allowing an additional assumption, a lower bound of Ω(cd) is shown, which is tight for k = 1, on the length of the recovery sequence. Our algorithmic-level error correction method is applied to Grover's fixed-point search algorithm as a demonstration.

Contact: Dina Weberg