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W@TC: On Amer-African Statecraft: A Conversation with Solayman Idris

Flyer with event information and image of author in black and white, african american
Wednesday, November 08, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Solayman Idris
Wednesdays at the Center

Join us for Wednesdays at the Center with Solayman Idris where he will discuss reparations, and the numerous complications surrounding. Reparations discussions are strangely truncated. American and European parties are regularly called upon to remunerate, repair, and atone for colonial slave trade atrocities, but there is relative silence around continental African culpability in the transatlantic slave trade and how this involvement should be repaired for American descendants of slavery. In addition to monetary remuneration from American and European parties, Black nationalism has called for founding of African states, negotiated as land concessions and as reparations to Black Americans for continental Africans' historical role in the kidnapping and displacement of ADOS ancestors.

What do the nuts and bolts of this process look like in the 21st century? What sort of political theory and intelligences have been brought to bear on conceiving and executing such a plan? Amer-African Statecraft addresses these considerations and more.

Speaker Biography: Solayman Idris pens for online and academic journals and lectures in the Middle East, the Caribbean and the United States. He is graduate of the North Carolina Central University Department of History and Editor in Chief of Luminfornt Scriptorium, a publishing house focused on forming an independent Black intelligentsia, the Orun Society. Most recently, Idris has authored his Times of the Signs trilogy which includes the books The Sunrise in the West, StarLogic, and Dusk Orientalis.

Contact: Erin Dillard