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Triangle Quantum Computing Seminar

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Friday, February 02, 2024
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Santanu Ganguly
Triangle Quantum Computing Seminar Series

Quantum machine learning (QML) is a cross-disciplinary subject made up of two of the most exciting research areas: quantum computing and classical machine learning (ML), with ML and artificial intelligence (AI) being projected as the first fields that will be impacted by the rise of quantum machines. Quantum computers are being used today in drug discovery, security, sensor data classification, material & molecular modelling and finance. In this work, we discuss some upcoming active new research areas in application of quantum machine learning (QML) in finance. We discuss certain QML models that has become areas of active interest in the financial world for various applications. We use real world financial dataset and compare models such as qGAN (quantum generative adversarial networks) and QCBM (quantum circuit Born machine) among others, using simulated environments. For the qGAN, we define quantum circuits for discriminators and generators and finally discuss impacts of more quantitative metrics of success. Finally, we discuss the aspects of marrying QML with the financial world and the possible way to obtain certain quantum advantage at present via "quantum inspired" computing leveraging HPC (High performance Computing).

Contact: Margo Ginsberg