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Rights! Camera! Action! Film Series presents: I Didn't See You There

a man in motorized wheelchair sits in front of a circus tent
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Bryan Rusch, Tatum Tricarico
Rights! Camera! Action! Film Series

Join the Duke Human Rights Center@FHI and Duke Disability Alliance for a screening of I Didn't See You There, part of the Rights! Camera! Action! Film Series and Duke's Disability Pride Month. When a circus tent goes up outside of his apartment, a disabled filmmaker must confront the legacy of the Freak Show and whether his past autobiographical filmmaking has fit into its tradition. With the camera pointed away from himself, he captures the personal and poetic from his wheelchair. Shot entirely from the filmmaker's literal physical perspective, both from his wheelchair and his two feet, I Didn't See You There is a groundbreaking work of documentary cinema by first-time feature director Reid Davenport.

Please join us for a post-screening panel featuring Duke students and disability activists Bryan Rusch and Tatum Tricarico.

Contact: Corin Zaragoza