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Context & Connections: Museum of Durham History & the Civil Rights Mural

Context & Connections:  Durham History
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Museum of Durham History
Context & Connections

Contexts and Connections is a signature program of Duke Service-Learning, engaging Duke faculty and staff interested in deepening their knowledge of and connections to the Durham community, as well as exploring connections with teaching, research, and service. Contexts and Connects is about getting faculty and staff off campus, introducing folks to Durham's rich history, and facilitating introductions to community resources for service-learning and community-engaged (SLCE) courses.

This Spring 2023 we are offering three events over the course of the semester to highlight contexts and create connections for SLCE faculty and staff. As we aspire to get Beyond the Discourse, Contexts and Connections invites us to leave our university echo chamber centered on words and learn from communities about possibilities for action.
Please join us for one or more of these events:

Curating Durham's History. We'll start our afternoon at the Museum of Durham History to learn about their current exhibits and ways we can partner with the Museum. We'll then walk over to the Durham Arts Council to view the Civil Rights Mural and engage with colleagues about Durham's mural tour and the resources of the Council.