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Kyle Marshall Choreography

At their ADF debut, Kyle Marshall Choreography is presenting ADF-commissioned Onyx and Alice. Onyx digs into the origins of rock and roll revealing the Black and Brown people whose sounds, performances, and personalities created this revolutionary genre. Through the setting of improvisational scores, character embodiment, and flowing phrase work, Onyx reflects on the fame, influence, appropriation, and erasure that riddles the legacy of so many Black and Brown artists. Through this embodiment of history, Onyx serves to recognize and celebrate these groundbreaking musicians while widening our perspective of the Black American cultural experience. Performed by Bree Breeden, Alice depicts a spiritual journey to love and self-acceptance guided by the transcendent music of Alice Coltrane. This solo is dedicated to all who are on the verge of transformation. It is in darkness that we see the light.

Contact: Becca Gargiulo