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“The Fires We’ve Never Lost:” Finding Art, Poetry, and Performance in 50 Years of Prison Letters

Please join the "Asia" in the Making of American Religiosity Lab for a talk with Erin Parish, Executive Director of the Human Kindness Foundation. Light refreshments provided.

Erin Parish is the Executive Director of Human Kindness Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes spirituality, mindfulness, and wellness in prisons and jails. She has twenty years of experience working with people rebuilding their lives and communities in the aftermath of war and incarceration. Erin has worked with victims and combatants of violence in Colombia and Northern Ireland. In North Carolina, she's designed peer support reentry programs and transitional jobs programs for people coming out of prison and driver's license restoration programs to help people avoid incarceration. She has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and a Masters in History from Duke University and an MPhil in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Trinity College Dublin.

Contact: Nicole Gaglia