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The Language of Trees - The Artwork of Bill Neville

Image of Bill Neville's Exhibition - Paintings - Carvings - Furniture
Friday, May 06, 2022
All Day

I started making paintings when I was 14 years old. I have always been a maker. Today I am 71 and deeply involved in making something on a daily basis. Over time this creative drive has become one of my great motivating forces. Living in the US in this modern world, where computing for a living is a driving industry, I take great pride in the fact that my product lives on as a solid representation of my creative acts.

Painting was my first love, the decorative arts my second. I am highly productive, evidenced by my woodworking practice (, my painting and photography.

Of late the process of my painting practice has developed with a combination of travel and discovery. Using a sketch book and camera while in transit I collect and create many images. In what I call the third phase of travel arriving back in the studio, I study the collected images, finally working out their essence in my paintings.

An organic process greatly informs my painting practice. There is a developed framework right up until the actual painting begins, and then the first mark informs the second and on and on to completion.

It is my intention to gain knowledge through the discovery found in the act of creation. One mark informs the next, one color informs the next, one hue informs the next. Through process and materials, through problem solving, recognizing beauty, balance, and imbalance I am learning through doing.

I see a direct connection to the 'Language of Trees' and the health of the environment, exposed to all of us with new science regarding communication between different species in the forest... and the connection with "The Living Museum" ( living with art ) and our immediate living environments. I propose that living with art creates a healthier living environment.

~Bill Neville