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Programmable interactions between spins and bosons in trapped ion systems

Triangle Quantum Computing Seminar Series 20220909
Friday, September 09, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Or Katz, Post-doctorial Associate, Duke Quantum Center
Triangle Quantum Computing Seminar

We present new techniques to realize quantum gates and simulations using ion-phonon interactions. We first describe a single-step protocol to generate N-body entangling interactions between trapped atomic ion qubits using spin-dependent squeezing; we analyze the effect of multiple motional modes and present experimental results. Second, we present a scheme to program a dense graph of couplings between the phonon modes in trapped-ion crystals, with applications to quantum simulations of bosonic systems.
Or Katz is a postdoctoral associate at Christopher Monroe's trapped-ion group at Duke University. Or received his PhD at the Weizmann Institute of Science, researching light-matter interactions using atomic ensembles of alkali-metal and noble gas spins. He has ten years of experience as a researcher in the Israeli industry and has additionally conducted interdisciplinary research on systems of ultracold atoms and ions, twisted bilayer graphene and search of new physics using precision measurements. His current research focuses on quantum simulations and computation using systems of trapped ions.
Co-hosted with IBM Quantum Hub at NC State University and Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Contact: Margo Ginsberg