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  • SSRI~ Workshop: Understanding Quantitative Tools for Analyzing and Establishing Causality


    Matt Masten


    Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies, Libraries, and Economics

    SSRI-Gross Hall 230E - Map




    Alexandra Cooper



    From public policy to medical treatments, one often hears that "research has shown" a certain policy or treatment to be desirable. How are such conclusions drawn? This three day workshop surveys the basic quantitative tools for analyzing and establishing causality: the claim that if we implement a specific policy or treatment, then a particular outcome will occur. There are no prerequisites for this workshop, which is non-technical and will use minimal math. Instead, it focuses on the fundamental ideas. By helping you understand the basics of causality, this workshop will complement your studies in fields like education, development, and health. While these tools apply to an enormous range of situations, this workshop will focus on social science and public policy applications. These topics range from whether the death penalty deters crime to the effects of institutions on economic development. The workshop runs 8/23, 8/24, and 8/25 from 10-6 and will take place in SSRI's new space in Gross Hall on Duke's West campus. Registration required; please click "more information" to access the registration form.

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