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  • Social Media and Scholarship -The Power of Connecting

    Series Name:

    Faculty Writing Series


    Jim Naughton and Rebecca Wilson


    Thompson Writing Program, Forum for Scholars and Publics, and Libraries

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    Saia, Jennie





    Willie Sutton said he robbed banks because that's where the money was. Likewise, 21st century intellectuals who want to speak beyond the academy need to use social media--because that's where the people are. This workshop will explore Facebook and Twitter as more than trends: they can also be powerful tools for increasing the visibility of your work, building relationships with journalists and other academics, and enhancing your teaching or research. We'll look at a range of scholars on both these media platforms, discuss how to create and sustain a social media presence, how to balance your personal and professional use of social media, and how to get started in simple ways. Please bring a laptop, tablet, or similar device to the workshop. All Duke faculty and graduate students are welcome. Coffee and bagels will be available starting at 9:45. Click "More Information" below to visit the event website and register.

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    Lecture/Talk, Workshop/Short Course, Social, Technology, Student, and Free Food and Beverages