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Data Dialogue: Gene Ferruzza, Valassis

Rhodes Information Initiative
Friday, September 06, 2019
11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Gene Ferruzza, Valassis
Data Dialogue

One of the most challenging environments for data science can be found in AdTech. This presentation will surface the fundamentals of what happens behind the scenes during the delivery of most online advertising to any device whether a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The primary application described will be real-time bidding, and the focus will be on the data that is collected and how data scientists and engineers use this data to create intelligent, high throughput decision operations. Included in this presentation will be how online behavior and physical location data are used in creating a machine learning model automation process, advanced algorithms and expert systems supporting a 24/7 operation running 2-2.5 million transactions per second.
Attendees will get familiar with:
¿ AdTech
¿ Big data processing
¿ Adaptive machine learning (AutoML)
¿ How AI is applied in online advertising
Gene Ferruzza manages the Data Science team at Valassis Digital. As a department embedded in Engineering, data scientists at Valassis partner with Data, S/W and Machine Learning Engineers to research and implement innovative methods for creating consumer intelligence. Gene's background is a mix of data science and software engineering primarily in deep learning applications and implementing AI capabilities in strategic consumer marketing communication streams. These include interactive communications through display ads, social networks and mobile applications, and more.

Contact: Ariel Dawn