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In the Jazz Tradition:Cécile McLorin Salvant with Sullivan Fortner

Cécile McLorin Salvant is a stunning singer with a peerless style and a knack for finding obscure jazz and blues songs and giving them new life. In just five years, Salvant has gone from an unknown upstart to the brightest new star in the jazz firmament, winning Best Jazz Vocal GRAMMYs for consecutive albums and resurrecting popular interest in the form. With an extraordinary range bolstered by rock-solid classical technique, she sings with her whole body, using physical movement to create new possibilities of timbre and tone. Wynton Marsalis did not mince words when he told The New Yorker just how important Salvant is to the future of jazz: "You get a singer like this once in a generation or two." And though she sings with total command, Salvant's concerts tend to be playful and disarming, a quality that has helped make her previous two sold-out appearances at Baldwin Auditorium feel intimate: she has the great singer's gift of making you feel she is singing for you alone. At Durham Fruit & Produce, in one of the smallest rooms she will play all year, Salvant is joined by Sullivan Fortner, one of jazz's most dynamic young pianists, for two separately ticketed sets (7 PM; 9 PM)

Contact: Gloria Hunt