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Woman throwing her body backwards modern dancing in professional work clothes.
Sunday, June 30, 2019
3:30 pm - 4:40 pm
American Dance Festival
Movies by Movers

American Dance Festival presents free films at the Nasher Museum as part of Movies By Movers, a festival dedicated to the celebration of conversations between body and camera. The short films to be shown are listed below. Total runtime for these films is one hour and 10 minutes.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Short Films with A Mixed Bag of Every Flavor

Behold by Michelle Bernier and Ana Baer

The Storm by Chafic Saad and Evie Ladin

But First... by Erin Brown Thomas

Carriage by Ori Lenkinski and Rachel Erdos

Mother of All Time by P. Sam Kessie and Lane M. Wooder

Aquarium by Hannah Hamalian

Tumult by Marta Renzi (karuna) by Cherie Sampson

We Are Here by Sima Gonsai

Humana by Paulina Rutman

I'm Blessed by Hannah Darrah

And So Say All of Us by Mitchell Rose

Contact: Wendy Hower