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Introduction to Scientific Computing for Genomics

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Monday, November 04, 2019
All Day
Hilmar Lapp
GCB Academy

Computing has become an integral and indispensable part of genomic biology. This course teaches basic skills in scientific computing, with a focus on applications for genomic science, aimed at making you more productive, your computational work more reliable, and your research easier to reproduce and extend, including by your future self. The course includes introductions to (1) using Unix shell commands to efficiently find, organize, and stage data for analysis; (2) basic data types, control flows, functions, and 3rd party packages for the Python programming language commonly encountered in scientific computing; (3) using version control to manage with confidence the numerous directions research code takes from inception to publication; and (4) effectively using a high-performance computing cluster to run computational analyses. The format of the course is inspired by the acclaimed Software Carpentry-style bootcamps. Hence, this is a fully hands-on workshop, and students are expected to bring a laptop.

*Prerequisites: "Introduction to Unix" (or equivalent experience)

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