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Parliament: Open Engagement

Do not miss the rare chance to experience Associate Professor of Dance and director of the MFA in Dance Prof. Michael Kliën's work and participate in a different kind of Parliament, presented as part of the Open Engagement gathering at Duke University:

This is also an engagement opportunity for students enrolled in Dance Program courses.

Saturday, 9/14/2019; 1-3pm. Rubenstein Arts Center (von der Heyden Theater), 2020 Campus Drive, Durham, NC 27708. Everyone is welcome. No late-comers admitted (arrive early), and there will be no audience.

Parliament is a pioneering work of situational choreography and exploration of ecological aesthetics. The work offers participants a critically needed withdrawal from normal modes of social action and provides instead an innovative site for 21st-century experimentalist cooperation. Embedded in the immediacy of Michael Kliën's choreographic framework, citizen-performers, working in silence, come together to bear witness to and hold council amidst the elemental phenomena and fundamental concerns of collectively lived experience. Pointing towards unseen and unexperienced modes of social organization, Parliament traverses, probes and navigates the paradigms that animate our present-day political relations. Kliën's Parliaments have been situated in numerous countries across the world. Originally commissioned by Benaki Museum, Athens, 2015.

Contact: Michael Kliën