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Mobile Phones in Africa: A Daily Revolution

Mobile Phones in Africa: A Daily Revolution
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Papa Sow

In Africa more than anywhere else the spread of mobile phones amounts to a daily revolution. Adoption of the new technology has been hyper- rapid and massive across the continent, in urban as well as rural areas, and its usage is innovative in myriad ways. 50 out of 54 African countries already offer 4G connection speed thus allowing easy access to social media and the wider web. Mobile financial services have fast-tracked the inclusion of millions driving the economy and social growth, impacting GDP and creating jobs. The potential for positive disruption is still huge, despite regulatory and technological challenges. This talk will highlight latest trends, new apps, Africa as a buzzing hub of its emerging own digital way of life.

Papa Sow is the CEO in Guinea-Conakry of a leading African telecom company. He graduated in engineering from Montreal Polytechnic and holds an MBA from Paris Dauphine. He is also a certified executive coach and an angel investor for digital startups.

Contact: Nicolas Coleman