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CDVS Workshop: Dashboards, slides, and R Markdown

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
John Little
Center for Data and Visualization Sciences (CDVS) Workshop Series

THIS WORKSHOP WILL NOW BE HELD VIRTUALLY. A ZOOM LINK WILL BE SENT TO REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS. Explore the variety of reports that can be generated with R. Learn to compose dashboards while easily implementing the inherent interactivity of HTMLWidgets orchestrated through R and RStudio. Flexible and reproducible reports are easily produced using literate programming techniques. The R/RStudio/Tidyverse suite enables you to render your analysis into a wide variety of elegant reports. Simplicity is a key factor. An R notebook can be repurposed to produce interactive dashboards, slides, e-books, journal articles, PDF documents, MS Word, MS Power Point, Excel, Web Pages, Web Sites, and more. R Markdown is the key to structuring your final report document. Code chunks containing R code, within literate programming scripts, enable any R author to reproducibly render multiple report outputs. These techniques enable you to reach your target audience.

Contact: Joel Herndon