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Gradinger and Schubot Visiting Artist Residency Workshop

Feb 28
Friday, February 28, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Since 2009, Gradinger and Schubot's topic has been the debordering of the body. In their work, they have attempted to reorganize the relationship between the "I" and the "you", in the search for other forms of co-existence. The next chapter in the work is negotiating the collective, the "I" and the "we". They aim to create a performative sphere that can effortlessly shift between mutable constellations, where "I am You" can become "We are You" or "I am We" etc.

We start with a training that aims to undo the habits of the body and perception and expands its current comfort zone. By exploring and widening inner and outer spaces we will find a mutable body full of vibrations, sensations, and fantasies, and discover the realities and performative potential that such a body does create. Through partnering work based on extreme physicality (breath, exhaustion, duration, full-dropping) we will work on an unconditional togetherness and dedication to the other or others. We will then work from this place of deep listening to meet plant beings and discover how the "loop of reciprocity" can move us, fill us, and help to let go of our human-centric logic.
This work searches for a freedom from a habituated, implicated self, through the creation of a new body which enables the conditions for being in a state of constant "becoming."

Contact: Brittany Kelly