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Identity & Computing Lecture Series: Recipes for ResistanCSe

Recipes for ResistanCSe Flyer November 15, 2022
Tuesday, November 15, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Papaya Project

CS and CSEd are fields with a hegemonic center of power, making it especially difficult for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, disabled, or otherwise minoritized to 'make their mark' when they have less access to the social capital necessary for doing so. Those at the center of power can provide significant contributions to the field, but their continued recognition as "the only" speakers and experts contributes to the continued inaccessibility of social capital for minoritized individuals.

We wrote a letter and started a podcast in pursuit of a research community that centers healing, love, and accountability. We build our vision upon three intertwined pillars: recognizing, embracing, and healing & restoring. We hope to use the pillars as a way to work towards a space where we don't have to resist. In this way, we used letter writing as a form of resistance. We hope to start a conversation around these questions: how can we continue to resist in CS/CSEd and beyond?