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As we move through the pandemic, our relationship to collective space has changed and continues to fluctuate. What does it mean to take up space now? What does it mean to be together in space? What innovations in space are possible now?

Fuller is a live, hybrid exploration of the life of Loïe Fuller, a queer choreographer whose innovations with light, fabric, and movement revolutionized the synthesis of art and technology in France during the early 1900's and beyond. Fuller is a production that aims to put the co-located and virtual audiences into the same space of possibility with Loïe and the performers. Inspired by Loïe's embodiment of the mythical and the magical, this project will be created through experimentation in the rehearsal room. Designers and performers will work together to craft an experience to invite spectators to peer behind the silks at a woman who shattered social and technical conventions.

The process will culminate with performances in Sheafer Theater that can also be viewed via live stream at The Lounge at Rubenstein Arts Center Gallery or in the comfort of your home.

$10 Full Price
Free Livestream at The Ruby - Tickets Not Required
Free Livestream - Registration Required

Contact: Thom Quintas