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Los Utrera in Concert: Traditional Son Jarocho (folk music from Veracruz)

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
7:00 pm

Founded in 1992, Los Utrera are a family group of musicians from the Hato community in Veracruz, Mexico. Their music and dance is part of the "son jarocho" tradition-a multicultural mix of Spanish, African, and Indigenous influences. As an ensemble, Los Utrera has established a reputation for exploring the traditional roots of son jarocho, as well as showing relationships between diverse cultures and contemporary world music genres. Los Utrera toured with Arts Midwest World Fest from 2007 - 2009, and has participated in the principal son jarocho festivals throughout Veracruz and has performed throughout the world. (adapted from Arts Midwest website)

This concert, made possible by a Course Enhancement Grant from Duke Global, is free and open to the public. It takes place off campus at The Fruit, 305 S. Dillard St., Durham, NC.