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**Virtual Only** Strategies to Address Social Drivers of Health Through Social and Medical Care Coordination: Implications for Implementation Research

Dr. Connor Drake
Thursday, May 26, 2022
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Connor Drake, PhD, Medical Instructor in the Department of Population Health Sciences

**Virtual Only** Meeting ID: 953 2851 3226

Dr. Drake will discuss the social drivers and determinants of health and the day-to-day economic and social conditions that influence a range of health outcomes and quality of life. Specifically:

•How social determinants of health manifest in individual-level social needs (e.g., food insecurity, housing instability, transportation barriers, social isolation), influencing health outcomes and exacerbating inequities.
•How value-based and capitated payment models have the potential to improve equity and outcomes while controlling costs through social care integration and addressing modifiable, unmet social needs.
•How best practices for social care integration include protocols for social needs screening and the adoption of novel technologies including NCCARE360, the first statewide digital care coordination network to connect clients to health and social services.
•How the successful implementation of care and interventions that are responsive to medical and non-medical drivers of health has implications for practitioners, researchers, and policy makers.
•How future research directions will include the design and evaluation of implementation strategies and interventions that improve medical and social care coordination while prioritizing policy levers to improve population health.

Connor Drake, PhD, MPA, is a K12 Scholar, Medical Inst. in Duke University's Dept. of Population Health Sciences, and member of their Implementation Science Research Collaborative. Dr. Drake's research interests sit at the intersection of implementation science and population health management to better serve patients with overlapping medical and health needs. In collaboration with clinicians and community-based organizations, he has designed, implemented, and evaluated evidence-based approaches to improve coordination across the medical and social care continuum. During his K12 studies, he has partnered with stakeholders to leverage technologies that improve health outcomes and equity for underserved communities through care redesign and the adoption of emerging technologies. This includes the implementation of NCCARE360, the first statewide coordinated care network to unite health care and human services organizations.

Dr. Drake received his MPA from NC State Univ. and PhD from UNC-CH.

Contact: Wendy Goldstein