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November Dances 2012

November Dances is the Duke Dance Program's Fall concert. Featuring choreographic works by faculty and students. Duke alum and guest faculty for Fall 2012, Jessi Knight Walker will be performing I Mind, a solo excerpt from Eurydice Descended, a collaborative work based on 13 sketches on the theme of Eurydice by poet Christina Knight. Set somewhere between present-day Brooklyn and the City of the Dead, Eurydice awakens to an unfamiliar space and begins a journey of exploration through Haitian funeral imagery, electronic music, and drag culture. Ava LaVonne Vinesett and Cici Stevens ¿Reaching Into the Before-Time¿ presents the second installation of a work conceived by Ava LaVonne Vinesett and Cici Stevens. This piece celebrates the lives and honors the passing of those who created a way forward/ out/ into new territory/ new lands/ new ways of thinking. With dance, song and music, Andrea E. Woods has restaged, ¿i got wings,¿ a SOULOWORKS Company work for seven spirited dancers. ¿In addition Woods will be performing a new solo created in collaboration with Ava Vinesett.Tyler Walters will present a work from his Ballet Repertory class.¿ Also included will be student works by Maurice Dowell and Alexandra Sansosti (duet) and Lindsay Larre.