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Exhibit: "In Practice: Work by Duke Arts Faculty"

The Power Plant Gallery at American Tobacco Campus is pleased to present this exhibition of work in a wide range of media┬┐photography, film and video, printmaking, new media┬┐by seventeen Duke faculty members and instructors from three arts units at the university: the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies (AAHVS), the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS), and the Program in the Arts of the Moving Image (AMI). The exhibition provides a lens through which to visualize the remarkably interdisciplinary nature of the arts at Duke, as well as the dynamic and diverse energy of the Triangle arts scene. Participating artists include Bill Bamberger (CDS) Todd Berreth (AAHVS) Bill Brown (AMI) Bill Fick (AAHVS) David Gatten (AMI) Joshua Gibson (AMI) Alex Harris (CDS) Jim Haverkamp (AMI) Shambhavi Kaul (AMI) Pedro Lasch (AAHVS) William Noland (AAHVS) Tom Rankin (CDS) Raquel Salvatella de Prada (AAHVS) Bill Seaman (AAHVS) MJ Sharp (CDS) Merrill Shatzman (AAHVS) Christopher Sims (CDS), and Victoria Szabo with Joyce Rudinsky (AAHVS).

Contact: Teka Selman