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Event Calendar Help

Features of this Calendar

The Event Calendar is Duke's dynamic and comprehensive listing of campus events including lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, cultural activities, etc. which are held on campus and/or sponsored by Duke departments, units, and groups. Users can search by date, topic, type, or group, and can download event details to most personal calendar clients.

Publishing Events

To be included on the Event Calendar the following criteria must be met: 

  • The event has been organized by a member of a school, department, unit, Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership, or recognized student group.
  • Events must be open to the public.
  • Events must be of general interest to the Duke community.

Duke groups or departments can designate one or more calendar administrators who are trained in the use of the calendar and have privileges to manage events for their groups.

Entering events

More than 500 Duke staff members contribute their events to the Event Calendar.

Administrator log in

For detailed instructions, download How-To Guide for Calendar Administrators. or watch a recorded Training for New Event Calendar Administrators.

Become and Administrator

To request that an individual be added as a calendar administrator, please complete a Calendar Administrator Request.

Create a Group

To request a new calendar group, submit a Calendar Group Request.

Community Submission of Events

Any member of the Duke community with a valid Duke NetID can submit events to the calendar. Community submissions are moderated and published as appropriate.

Sharing Events

You may share Event Calendar entries via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn from the event detail page.

You can also link to a Facebook Event page using the Event URL field. Use of either of these tools reduces duplicate entry of event data.

Downloading Events to Personal Calendar

Most of the calendar clients in use at Duke (dCal, Apple iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar) support the import of .ics files. To download an individual event, click the icon beside the event and save the file to your desktop. Then open your calendar client and import the file (File > Import) so it appears as an appointment on your calendar.  

Additionally, you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the groups or categories. Click the RSS icon to subscribe to the current view. 

Importing events from a personal or departmental calendar is technically feasible, but cumbersome. The optimal choice for departments to publish to the Event Calendar and feed event information (via JSON or XML) to departmental websites.

Feeding Events to Departmental Websites

By default, event entries are published on The calendar provides the option to hide events from by marking category “local.” Local events are available via feeds for publication on your website. This eliminates the need for duplicate entries.

Schools, departments and units can pull data from the Event Calendar to display on websites. The URL builder tool enables website developers to create XML, RSS or JSON feeds by group or by category. We recommend using JSON format. See example widget. The database supports live feeds; therefore, we discourage using copied or cashed data.

When groups are listed as co-sponsoring an event, the event will appear in searches for all co-sponsors and will also be available in RSS, XML, and JSON feeds for each of the co-sponsoring groups. If the co-sponsoring group is not in the list of calendar groups, please ask the group representative to submit a Calendar Group Request.

Curating Event Feeds

A feed curation tool is available to enable additional selectivity about which events to pull to departmental websites. Utilizing JSON feeds from the Event Calendar, the Feed Curator at collects multiple input streams (created using URL builder tool by groups or categories) and allows (manual) curation to choose a subset of events to display on a departmental or unit website. See example of curated feed, which also includes detailed instructions.

Featured Events

University Communications identifies and selects events to be featured on the Calendar homepage. To request that an event be considered for promotion, send e-mail to To be considered, the event must be published on the calendar and include an appropriate image for which Duke has the rights to use.

Room Reservations

Before entering information about an event in the calendar, contact the owner/scheduler of the desired space to reserve the space for your event. Use of classrooms can be requested via 25 Live. Many public event spaces are reserved by UCAE.


The Office of Public Affairs & Government Relations (PAGR), in partnership with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), maintains this calendar. PAGR, as the functional owner, manages calendar groups and users, and sets policy for calendar use; OIT provides technical expertise for application development and support.

The Event Calendar was launched on July 23, 2008, and uses the open-source Bedework calendar software, developed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and now part of Apereo. For more information about Bedework visit

The current Event Calendar website launched June 2017. See also Working@Duke feature article.

The Calendar is best viewed in Firefox or Safari.

Contact Us

Contact the functional owner via with questions about entering events and how your Duke-sponsored organization or group can effectively use the Calendar to promote events.