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JONES 143 X 03/25/2023 X
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Immunology Seminar Series: "Immune Inhibitory Mechanisms in Cancer"

Sponsor(s): Immunology
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Immunology Seminar Series: “New Approaches to Anti-Infectives for Gram-negative Bacteria”

Sponsor(s): Immunology
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Immunology Seminar Series: “Uncovering Regulators of Microglia Function in Alzheimer’s Disease”

Sponsor(s): Immunology
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Tomasz Nowakowski SCI RIP Seminar

Immunology Seminar Series

Immunology Seminar Series: "Pathogen Latency : What is it good for?"

Sponsor(s): Immunology
IIB New Graduate Students Welcome Reception

2023 IIB Graduate Students Welcome Reception

Sponsor(s): Immunology

Immunology Seminar Series: "Leveraging early-life microbes to prevent autoimmunity"

Gina DeNicola

NRF2 and cysteine metabolism in cancer

Benjamin Myers

Unconventional GPCR signaling in the Hedgehog Cascade: From basic mechanism to cancer therapeutics


Immunology Seminar Series: "Epigenetic Regulation of Sex Differences"

David MacAlpine

Genetic and epigenetic inheritance through the lens of chromatin occupancy

Amy Moran

Understanding mechanisms of androgen mediated immune regulation


Integrative Immunobiology Dissertation Defense

Chao Lu

Chromatin Crosstalk: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities

Aaron Hata

Mechanisms driving evolution of TKI resistance in non-small cell lung cancer


Integrative Immunobiology Dissertation Defense

Elizabeth Johnson

Dietary lipids as modulators of host-microbe interactions

Zhao (ZZ) Zhang

Chasing the jumping genes: From ecDNA biogenesis to cancer therapy

Brian Calvi

Variant cell division and growth programs in development and disease


Immunology Seminar Series: "CD8+ T cell immunity by the microbial environment"

Andrea Ventura

In vitro and in vivo engineering of focal amplifications mediated by ecDNAs


Integrative Immunobiology Dissertation Defense: Europe B. Doan

Roberto Zoncu

The lysosome in nutrient sensing and cellular growth control

Roger Greenberg

Vulnerabilities in homologous recombination deficient cancers

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