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inTransit: Arts & Migration around Europe Workshop

Medieval Map
Thursday, February 01, 2018
All Day
inTransit Project

How does the history of migration around Europe change when we consider early modern Muslims? When we consider other dispossessed peoples across French and Flemish territories in premodern times? Migrants from the South to the North, and from the Mediterranean across the British Channel or immigrants from west and north Africa? What are the artistic expressions and engagements accounting for their uprooting experiences? How are we to interpret them when we listen to the past to understand the present, while looking into the present to imagine the past?
The inTransit workshop starts to address these questions by bringing together cultural and art historians, artists, and a curator to explore the cases of expulsions and forced movement of peoples in early modern Spain and France, today's Maghreb, Middle East, and West Africa. Presenters include: James Amelang, Michael Gerli, Pierre-Oliver Dittmar, Laura Weigert, Guggenheim curator Sara Raza, as well as artists Barthélémy Toguo and Duke's own Raquel Salvatella de Prada. The inTransit research group (Romance Studies, Art, Art History and Visual Studies, and the Nasher Museum) welcomes all those interested in the question of migration.
On Feb. 1, 5-6 pm in the Nasher Museum of Arts at Duke University's auditorium, we'll begin with a panel of remarks, open to the general public. On Friday, Feb. 2, 10-4 pm, in the Nasher's University classroom, the workshop will continue with presentations by invited speakers and discussion.