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Negotiating the Academic Job Offer (for Postdocs and Grad Students in the Sciences and Engineering)

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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9:00 am - 10:00 am
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Academic Job Search Series

In this session, a panel of faculty members will discuss the negotiation process.
Questions include:
- What does a typical start-up package look like? How much can you negotiate it, and how can you provide justification for asking for more?
- How much grant money are you expected to bring if you get hired?
- What are some common pitfalls in the negotiation process?
- Can you negotiate for a position for your partner or spouse? If so, when do you bring it up?

NOTE: This panel is geared to postdocs and graduate students in the sciences and engineering. A similar panel will be held for PhDs in the social sciences and humanities on Tues Oct 29, 3-4:30 pm. For details and to register, visit

- Krishnendu Chakrabarty, PhD, Professor and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering
- Jennifer Roizen, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
- Eda Yildirim, PhD, Assistant Professor of Cell Biology

Contact: Molly Starback