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Call for Student Choreographers: First Showing

We invite dance students to submit a work for inclusion in the Dance Program's mainstage dance production, November Dances 2018. Presented each semester to serve as both a choreography and performance opportunity for students enrolled in dance courses, November Dances features students performing faculty-choreographed works they learn during their repertory courses. In addition, 15 minutes of the evening's show are reserved for high caliber student choreography. Students must audition before a faculty panel. Only completed choreographic works ready for mainstage presentation will be accepted.

Two adjudication dates will provide faculty feedback on the work in progress. The student choreographer and all dancers in the work are required to be present at both adjudication showings. At least 50% of the choreographic work must be presented for the first adjudication, and the completed work for the second.

Fall, 2018, adjudication dates are in the Ruby, studio 201:
First showing: Monday, September 17
Second showing: Monday, October 15

Complete information:

Contact: Julie Walters