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3-manifolds not obtained by surgery on a knot

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Monday, October 22, 2018
3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
Thomas Mark (University of Virginia, Mathematics)
Triangle Topology Seminar

A well-known theorem of Lickorish and Wallace states that any closed orientable 3-manifold can be obtained by surgery on a link in the 3-sphere. For a given 3-manifold one can ask how "simple" a link can be used to obtain it, e.g., whether a manifold satisfying certain obvious necessary conditions on its fundamental group always arises by surgery on a knot. This question turns out to be rather subtle, and progress has been limited, but in general the answer is known to be "no." Here I’ll summarize some recent results including joint work with Matt Hedden, Min Hoon Kim, and Kyungbae Park that give the first examples of 3-manifolds with the homology of S^1 x S^2 and having fundamental group of weight 1 that do not arise by surgery on a knot in the 3-sphere.