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Failure: It's Good For You!

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Tuesday, May 07, 2019
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9:30 am - 11:00 am
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Caroline Korda Poole

Pressure turns an iceberg a stunning blue color. The most beautiful cave on earth was created by a powerful acid. An oyster forms a pearl to protect against an irritant.
All around us, nature models how difficulties help to create beauty. However beautiful the pearl may be, though, it is hard to extend this metaphor when hardship hits our own lives.

We may think that life would be better if we never struggled, but difficulty and failure are excellent teachers. We all make mistakes. These mistakes can help us in myriad ways if we will allow them to.
Join Caroline Korda Poole for a lively and interactive workshop to explore the hidden nature of failure. If you can learn to learn from your failures with compassion for yourself and others, you will be able to transform your life. This session will include several activities designed to help you rethink the nature of moments of failure or disappointment in your life. You will leave this workshop able to think about failure differently and able to rebound from difficult moments with more ease and awareness.

Speaker: After almost 15 years working in international and community development and with extensive experience advising mid-career, international graduate students on careers in development, Caroline Korda Poole launched Centered Career, a career development consultancy with an emphasis on careers in international development.

Contact: Molly Starback