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Data Dialogue: Advance AI: Analytics for Auto Parts

Rhodes Information Initiative
Thursday, April 11, 2019
11:45 am - 1:00 pm
Chris Shartrand, Advance Auto Parts
Data Dialogue

Lunch: 11:45 am
Seminar: Noon
The auto parts industry is an emerging market for data scientists and analytical techniques. Most aspects of daily life as a data scientist at Advance involve solving problems similar to other companies in the retail sector. However because the field is so new in our industry, we are constantly balancing problem solving with continuous outreach and education to other areas of the business. It is our dual responsibility as data scientists to solve complex problems that benefit the company as well as communicate to areas of the business that are not historically data driven about what is possible in order to reach new heights together. This talk will cover both subjects: How to work together with internal organizations that are new to the field of data science and an in-depth analysis of the various techniques we are utilizing to create accurate prediction of demand for products across the enterprise.

Contact: Ariel Dawn