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Do You Know Your Rules? Improving Intercultural Interactions

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Paige Vinson
Mentoring and Communication Series

Knowing your own internal rules and expectations can have a positive impact on interactions with your fellow postdocs and students, family, and most importantly, your mentor. The rules that direct our behaviors are often cultural - learned in childhood. Like fish unaware of the water they live in, we can be just as oblivious to the cultural norms that drive our behavior. In this workshop, we'll explore some of our own rules and what values we are maintaining by following the rules. We will also discuss how to communicate our rules and expectations to others in a positive way, and how to understand how others' rules may affect their behavior.

NOTE: To facilitate small group discussion, class size is limited to 25 participants. Attendance is limited to Postdoctoral Associates, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Graduate Students - researchers in other job categories may join the wait list . Because space is limited, please do not register unless you are sure you can attend.

SPEAKER: Paige Vinson is Assistant Director of Duke International House, where she creates programming for international students, scholars, staff, and their families. In addition, she leads cross-cultural communication workshops for administrators and local business members. Paige is a certified ESL Instructor, Intercultural Trainer, and Koru Mindfulness Instructor.

Contact: Molly Starback