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Duke Hospital Exhibit - 45 Portraits in 45 Days by Maria Hock

Maria Hock - 45 Portraits in 45 Days
Thursday, January 07, 2021
All Day
Maria Hock

"Forty-Five Portraits in Forty-Five Days" is a project that emerged from raw and emotion filled images taken of Duke University Hospital employees.

The photographs given to me were not perfectly lit or professionally staged. Each selfie-styled image provided me with a glimpse of the daily rigors of working amid the pandemic. I saw how each essential worker saw themselves. Photos taken at the end of a long day of ensuring proper care for patients. Photos taken at the end of the day when they were tired. Some are on the front lines dealing directly with patients. Others preparing meals, cleaning treatment rooms, common areas and bathrooms. Each one tasked with providing quality care day after day. Collectively these forty-five images represent a dedicated team working hard while at risk for contracting COVID-19 simply by showing up for work.

"Forty-Five Portraits in Forty-Five Days" is more than a collection of portraits.
It's a tribute to all heroes.

*Located in the Duke University Hospital concourse, this exhibit is available to patients, staff, and visitors of Duke University Hospital who have screened access to the hospital. Visitors without a medical appointment will not be able to visit this exhibition due to limited access to Duke University Hospital.