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VFF: PanoVR: A virtual reality 360-degree video collaboration tool

image of a colorful network visualization, with the following text: Visualization Friday Forum; Fridays at noon; LSRC D106
Friday, December 01, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Isaac Andersen, Mitchell Berger, Alexander Blumenstock & Rayan Tofique · ECE, CS
Visualization Friday Forum

PanoVR is a project being developed in Duke University's DiVE Lab. It allows multiple users to interact with and experience 360-degree video content at the same time while performing collaborative video analytical tasks while connected to a real-time stream of footage. Features include mutual awareness of other users' viewing directions, voice chat, line annotations and synchronized controls. It integrates situational awareness, video annotation and interpersonal communication tools to the immersive video experience, opening the possibility for a wide range of applications for business, education and entertainment uses. These discussions can be saved locally or shared for future playback, spreading ideas openly.

Contact: Angela Zoss