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VFF: Psychasthenia 3: Dupes

image of a colorful network visualization, with the following text: Visualization Friday Forum; Fridays at noon; LSRC D106
Friday, December 08, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Victoria Szabo & Joyce Rudinsky · AAHVS/ISS/DHI & UNC Dept of Communication
Visualization Friday Forum

Rudinsky and Szabo explore the use of video game platforms for critical and creative application development. They are the principals of Psychasthenia Studio, an art collaborative that uses new media and interactive, procedural environments to investigate the relationships between psychological conditions and culture. Their projects are experimental in both form and content, and have been shown internationally in juried media art exhibitions and demos. They will discuss and demo their latest art-game, "Dupes," describe the game mechanics and philosophies, and share insights into the state of video game based art within the wider contexts of new media art, digital humanities, and media and technology studies.

Contact: Angela Zoss