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CEE seminar: Bridging Computational Materials Science and Structural Mechanics: A New Paradigm for Predictive Simulation

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Monday, December 04, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Caglar Oskay, Associate Professor, Vanderbilt
CEE 701, Fall 2017 Graduate student colloquium

Over the past couple of decades, tremendous effort has been devoted to the development of multiscale computational modeling and simulation strategies for physics-based prediction of structural response. Among these strategies, concurrent multiscaling holds great potential in effectively bridging the "material" response to that of the "structure". Yet these approaches are so computationally intensive that they remained within the academic realm, and have yet to make impact on realistic engineering problems.
We propose the Eigendeformation-based Reduced Order Homogenization Method (EHM) for computationally efficient and accurate concurrent multiscale analysis....