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FIP Seminar: Mimics of Chemical Barrier Crossing to Strange "Non-Reciprocal" Dynamics in Optical Matter

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Dr. Norbert Scherer, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago

Research in the Scherer group addresses a broad range of questions in three areas: function and transport in cellular biophysics, dynamics and excitations in driven nonequilibrium spatially-confined dense colloidal fluids, and optical trapping to assemble nano-plasmonic materials to realize long range coherence. The research is problem-oriented so that a wide range of proven and new experimental methods are applied or developed. Depending on the system and problem the measurements may be with femtosecond time resolution or the processes may take days. Each experimental problem has a corresponding theory component; some of this is done within the group but much is done with collaborators at the University of Chicago or at Argonne National Laboratory. Each student and postdoctoral is formally or informally co-mentored with a collaborator; several group members are formally jointly appointed with other research groups. The collaborative aspect of the research includes weekly sub-group meetings in each of the three areas (including faculty collaborators) for the discussion of experimental and theoretical ideas and progress on research.

Contact: August Burns