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For Catalina's Time

For Catalina's Time is a time-based series of photographs and footage by anthropologist and filmmaker Sandra Luz Barroso. The exhibit is complemented by ten pieces of graphic work made by Oaxacan artists titled ARTEZA (Trough). The exhibition is part of the process of completing the documentary ARTEMIO (2017) by Sandra Luz Barroso.

This project documents a decade of field work in the Costa Chica of Oaxaca, Mexico, where a number of communities of African descent live. Little research had been done in such communities and their social and community practices changed with the pressures of modernization and migration. Doña Catalina was an elderly woman who maintained traditional knowledge in the form of songs, stories of origin, culinary and medicinal practices. As ethnographer and visual anthropologist Sandra Luz Barroso spent several years doing field work in these communities where she developed a closer elationship with the subject of this exhibit.

Contact: Jason Doty