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inTransit Workshop: Arts and Migration Around Europe

ancient map
Friday, February 02, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Please join us for the second day of inTransit, an interactive two-day workshop bringing together cultural and art historians, artists and a curator to explore the history of migration in Europe. InTransit most notably focuses on the expulsions and forced movement of peoples in early modern Spain and France, today's Maghreb and West Africa. Through guest presentations and panel and general discussions, we will address the artistic expressions and engagements accounting for migrants' uprooting experiences, how we can interpret them when we listen to the past to understand the present, and the present to imagine the past.

In the University Classroom: Presentations given by invited speakers and a more focused discussion intended for researchers and artists. Guest speakers include: James Amelang (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid), "Rethinking the Morisco Proble, (1609-1614)," Michael Gerli (University of Virginia), "Moriscos & Witnessing Genocide," Pierre-Oliver Dittmar (EHESS, Paris), "The History of Xenophobia in Early-Modern Northern Europe," Laura Weigert (Rutgers University), "Tapestry & the Fabric of Mobility in early-modern Northern Europe," Guggenheim curator Sara Raza (Middle Eastern & North African art), "Art and Migration in the Middle East," and artists Barthélémy Toguo (Bandjoun Station, Cameroon), "New World Climax" and recent work, and Duke's own Raquel Salvatella de Prada, "Cornered."

Contact: Wendy Hower