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Data Dialogue: A Cancer rainbow platform to simultaneously visualize the fitness potential for multiple tumor driver genes in vivo

Thursday, February 08, 2018
11:45 am - 1:00 pm
Josh Snyder
Data Dialogue

Technologies for the deterministic and the functional stratification of the cancer genome landscape are lacking. We have developed the Cancer rainbow (Crainbow) mouse modeling system as a scalable solution for this need. Crainbow provides a seamless platform for simultaneously and directly comparing the cell fitness and tumorigenic potential of up to three driver genes in vivo. An optimized fluorescent barcode unique for each co-expressed driver gene is encoded for fluorescent imaging and acts as a proxy for visualizing cell fitness and tumorigenesis. The effects of multiple driver genes can then be resolved with single cell resolution, temporally precise control, and in one mouse. Crainbow was validated by comparing multiple oncogenic forms of ßcatenin in the intestine and evaluating their effects on cell fitness in vivo and in organoid culture. Crainbow is a robust tool ready for illuminating the cancer genome landscape.

Contact: Ariel Dawn