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Arpeggio: "Quantity+Quality"

Arpeggio Poster
Friday, November 02, 2018
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Maximilian Schich (University of Texas at Dallas), Suzanne Preston Blier (Harvard University), Matthew Lincoln (Carnegie Mellon University)

Quantity+Quality. The quantity and quality of information available to us as art historians and archaeologists is often less than ideal. Chronological, geographic, and personal distances from the objects we study create gaps in our knowledge that we are meant to reconstitute from sometimes significantly limited evidence. How, in the Information Age, do we account for lapses in historical and cultural information? To what extent can studies of aggregate data help us to compensate for this missing or incomplete material, and how have data-focused methods been implemented in the fields of art history, visual culture and archaeology? The purpose of this symposium will be to examine and evaluate the usefulness of a variety of data sources and analytical methods to generate new knowledge of subjects for which the quantity and/or quality of information has traditionally been sparse.

This event will take place in Room A266 Bay 10 on the second floor of Smith Warehouse. Free and open to the public.

Contact: David Massung