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Screen/Society--Aural Futures--Afrofuturist music & techno-utopian narratives [free live performance event]

The Afronauts, 5p1n0k10, and DJ Gemynii
Friday, October 26, 2018
9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
The Afronauts, Afrofuturistic puppet show '5p1n0k10', and DJ Gemynii
Aural Futures

The Aural Futures series concludes with an evening of Afrofuturist music & techno-utopian narratives:

Curated by Ingrid LaFleur from AFROTOPIA & Negar Mottahedeh at Duke, the Aural Futures series looks at how electronic music created a foundation in the development of Afrofuturism, how music movements like Afropunk have introduced Afrofuturism to a larger audience, and how the Afrofuturist aesthetic visually expresses the music & provides a narrative.

To complete the music ecosystem, we have curated a selection of storytellers & performers to create an Afrofuturist evening of musical vibes & visions tonight in Duke's Coffee House. Hearing the music, watching the performance & the organic movement that it calls forth is an integral part of the Afrofuturist experience.

-- The Afronauts is an afrofuturist youth group in Durham that is putting out a mixtape via Pierce Freelon's Blackspace this year.

-- 5p1n0k10 is an Afrofuturistic puppet show about an Android who wants to be a real B-Boy, with an original score by Hip Hop producer Hir-O.

-- Artist by trade & DJ by craft, DJ Gemynii produces experiences that seduce the audience and lures them into her meticulously cultivated audiovisual realm.

Part of Visionary Aponte: Art & Black Freedom, a 9-week art exhibit & accompanying series of conversations, screenings, performances, residencies, & workshops at Duke organized by the Power Plant Gallery & the Forum for Scholars & Publics. []

Contact: Hank Okazaki