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Screen/Society--The Visible Spectrum--Program 5: "Adam & Zack Khalil: Indigenous Futures" w/ filmmakers in attendance

Still from INAATE/SE/ by Adam and Zack Khalil
Tuesday, October 02, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Q&A with filmmakers Adam & Zack Khalil
Experimental and Documentary Cinema: The Visible Spectrum

Film Screening: "Adam & Zack Khalil: Indigenous Futures"

With a practice that includes experimental filmmaking, documentary, performance & curation, Adam & Zack Khalil have charted out a critical & unconventional space for situating & interrogating ideas of indigeneity today. In their first feature documentary, INAATE/SE/, the Khalils re-imagine an ancient Ojibway story, the Seven Fires Prophecy, which both predates & predicts first contact with Europeans. A kaleidoscopic experience blending documentary, narrative, and experimental forms, INAATE/SE/ transcends linear colonized history to explore how the prophecy resonates through the generations in their indigenous community within Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In their recent short film, "The Violence of a Civilization without Secrets," the Khalils collaborate with artist Jackson Polys to reflect on indigenous sovereignty, the undead violence of museum archives and post-mortem justice through a court case that decided the fate of the remains of a prehistoric Paleoamerican man found in Kennewick, Washington in 1996.

Full Program:

-- "INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place./it flies. falls./]" (Adam & Zack Khalil, 2016, 68 min)

-- "The Violence of a Civilization without Secrets"(Adam & Zack Khalil, 2017, 10 min)

TRT: 78 min.

Contact: Hank Okazaki