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Hanging by a thread: Microfluidics, Sensors, Electronics, and Drug Delivery

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Friday, September 27, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Professor Sameer Sonkusale, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tufts University

This talk will explore the new realm of using threads as an ultimate platform for flexible and stretchable bioelectronics. Threads offer unique advantages of universal availability, low cost, material diversity and simple textile-based processing. In this talk, I will report reel-to-reel fabrication to make functional smart threads for variety of sensing and electronics application. For example, I will report on nanomaterial-infused smart threads for sensing physical biomarkers (e.g. strain, pressure, temperature) and chemical biomarkers (pH, glucose, lactate etc.) of health and wellbeing. Recent work on making electronic devices such as transistors and integrated circuits on threads will be presented. I will show our recent work on using this toolkit of thread-based microfluidics, sensors and electronics for applications as smart surgical sutures and flexible smart bandages for chronic wounds. Our recent work on using threads for closed loop spatiotemporal dosage controlled drug delivery will also be presented. I will also present some research activities on making colorimetric gas sensing threads for environmental monitoring, and strain sensing threads for a wide variety of physical activity monitoring platforms. If time permits, I will provide a brief overview of other research activities in my group.

Contact: Ellen Currin