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"First We Must See: Line Drawing as a Research Method" with Andrew Causey
Friday, October 11, 2019
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Andrew Causey

This presentation explores the use of line drawing as a general interpretive process to aid visual perception. Following a brief introduction of the place of drawing in my research in Sumatra, Indonesia, and a rationale for such work in general, participants will practice the act of seeing through drawing. We will hone existing skills of perception and eye-hand coordination by engaging with a short series of guided exercises. This is not a presentation on "how to draw" (nor are participants expected to have any so-called "artistic" talents). The focus of the presentation is on training ourselves to better see, not on producing finished drawings.

Bring a pocket-sized object ... something inconsequential but interesting, or a keepsake (a key-chain, a miniature troll doll, a spool of thread).

Open to Faculty, graduate students, and undergrads. ALL ARE WELCOME.

Contact: Jamal Quick