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EPA's Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program

Michael Slimak, PhD
Friday, November 15, 2019
11:45 am - 1:00 pm
Michael Slimak, PhD, US EPA
Duke University Program in Environmental Health & Toxicology Fall Seminar Series (Pharm 847-S/ENV 847-S)

EPA's Sustainable and Healthy Communities (SHC) National Research program provides technical solutions, tools, information, and other resources in three topic areas critical to fulfilling the Agency's mission to protect the environment and public health:

(1) Contaminated Sites: Accelerating Clean-Ups

(2) Waste and Materials Management: Reducing the Burden of Contamination

(3) Healthy and Resilient Communities: Revitalizing Communities from Contamination and Natural Disasters/Extreme Events.

SHC is one of six national research programs within EPA's Office of Research and Development. The SHC research portfolio is highly interdisciplinary and designed to advance the understanding of the links between the environment and public health and human well-being.

Contact: Alexis Sharp