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Differential susceptibility to air pollution by chronic psychosocial stress

Jane Clougherty, ScD
Thursday, February 13, 2020
11:45 am - 1:00 pm
Jane Clougherty, ScD, Drexel University
Duke University Program in Environmental Health & Toxicology Spring Seminar Series (Pharm 848-S/ENV 848-S)

There are persistent environmental health disparities by race and socioeconomic position (SEP) - owing to both higher pollution exposures and greater susceptibility in minority and / or lower-SEP communities. The "causal" aspects of SEP underlying these susceptibilities, however, remain unidentified, and thus health disparities remain unexplained and difficult to address. Evidence suggests that chronic stress - which impacts immune, endocrine, and metabolic function - may mediate some portion of this SEP-related susceptibility. Dr. Clougherty will review recent evidence on differential susceptibility to environmental pollution by chronic stress, with emphasis on respiratory and cardiovascular outcomes.

Contact: Alexis Sharp